By: Helene Steiner


When I finally popped out at Saltery Bay after 11 days on the Sunshine Coast Trail, smelling quite “salty” (my last bath was the day prior, while skinny dipping in beautiful Fairview bay), I was studying the map of where I had just been. A young woman with a dog walked up and we started chatting. She was just starting an adventure of her own. Her, her boyfriend, and above mentioned dog were embarking on doing the 57km Powell Forest Canoe Route. But not with a canoe, instead, they were going to use a 2 man SUP board!! (

What an awesome idea!! Forget the busy Bowron Lakes! There are way fewer people here and it’s one of the finest canoe journeys in British Columbia! ( I was able to see a huge part of the route while hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail above the string of beautiful lakes that it passes through. While sitting on Walt Hill one gets a great view of that paddling adventure. The route traverses 8 lakes and 5 portages, the longest of which is 2.8 km. 2.8 km? I’d rather carry a SUP than a canoe that far! I plan to enjoy the many campsites along the way with picnic tables, outhouses, and tent sites. I will stock up early on lots of “Wild Edge Keto” (http// lightweight backpacking food for my trip this spring.

So what are you doing this summer?

March 26, 2021 — Christie Dionne