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Hi, I’m Christie. I’m a climber, hiker, trail runner, skier and lover of wild places. I grew up in a small town on the west coast of BC, between the ocean and mountains. As a kid I spent lots of my time hiking and camping in the forest and swimming in the ocean. When I was 17, I took up scuba diving and alpine climbing and though I was passionate about both, I felt strongly drawn to the high and wild places. I met my husband at 20 and we spent years traveling, climbing, exploring, and adventuring. We built a campground and developed big wall climbs in the mountains behind our hometown together. In 2011 a helicopter accident took my husband from me and for a while I lost my way. As a way to heal and remember I wrote Powell River Rocks, a rock climbing-guidebook published in 2018 as a tribute to his memory.  In 2019 I helped in the making of On The Verge.

Now, for the first time in my life, I’m taking on a new challenge of being an entrepreneur. I have always been interested in backcountry nutrition, finding a way to eat better, pack lighter, and go farther in my many outdoor adventures. My passion for adventure, health, and nutrition inspired me to start Wild Edge Keto.

Rock Climbing Guide to Powell River

Powell River Rocks

A comprehensive guide to climbing in the Powell River area. This color guidebook includes 6 cragging areas, 3 big wall areas, 4 popular mountain routes in the Eldred Valley and a bouldering chapter. Descriptions for 386 routes, over 200 pages with color photos and topos.

– Author: Christie Dionne illustrated by Rob Richards
– Region: Powell River and Eldred Valley (British Columbia, Canada)
– Edition: First (newest)
– Language: English
– Color: Yes
– Pages: 224
– Dimension: 6″ wide by 9″ tall
– Weight: 430g
– Soft Cover ISBN: 9781388633639

$ 39.99 CAD