Cuban Picadillo Wild Bison


Every family has their own version of picadillo, Some are spicy and some are sweet and we can't wait for you to try our wild version!!

This humble dish, with its roots deep in Latin cuisine, holds a world of sensory pleasure in its simplicity. Take one bite, and you're transported. The savory ground Bison, the succulent vegetables, each capper and tomato singing its own song in perfect harmony. The spices weave their magic in the background, a gentle warmth that lingers on the tongue, inviting you back for more. That's the magic of a bowl of Picadillo - a simple dish that holds a world of flavor in its folds.   Our Picadillo is Gluten Free and Nut Free for those with food sensitivities.

Nutrition Information

Ingredients Bison, Cauliflower, Fire-roasted Tomato, Green Peppers, Colored Peppers, Onion, Capers, Ghee. Contains garlic.

 Servings per package - 1 Serving size - 3 oz (85g)
Total Calories - 680 Protein - 52g
Fat - 46g Net Carbohydrates - 12

Backpack Weight information

Total Package Weight 139g  (4.8oz)
Package Dimensions 20.32cm L × 5.08cm W x 20.32cm H  (8"L x 2"W x 7"H)


About Bison

The Taste of Bison
Compared to beef, bison is lighter, coarser, and tastes slightly sweeter. It’s not gamey, and it doesn’t have much of an aftertaste. If you’ve never tried it before, ground bison is lean and flavorful. Bison produces healthy and delicious meat that can be used in all the same ways as beef. But it’s the taste of bison that will really win you over. With a rich, slightly sweet flavor, the taste of bison is becoming more and more popular.

Benefits & Nutrition
Bison meat often referred to as buffalo meat, is high in protein, iron, and other nutrients, while lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol than other meats. The nutrition comparisons, speak for themselves. Bison is a naturally, lean meat – Bison tastes very much like beef, only better, healthier for you, cleaner tasting, and it has a fuller richer flavor. It is not gamey or wild-tasting.